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pushing up tulips

hiding tulips
I don't know if you've heard, but Poloroid film is back in production making many many people jump for joy. I myself have owned several poloroid cameras (not that I know where they are now) including the classic, the wide version, and the little izone sticker poloroid camera. my friends and I used them as a guest book at a going away party for a dear friend. we tacked up poloroids of every one of the rotating tenants in our apartment in our kitchen. because over the last two yearspoloroid film was hard to come by, I entrusted a friends "regular" high tech, digital camera to take the photobooth pics at our wedding. yeah, that didn't work out. I still haven't seen the few photos that did end up getting taken.

in any case, with the return of poloroid film, I thought I'd do what any fan would do, take pictures on my crappy blackberry camera and put them through polodroid. yes, you too can make your regular pictures look like poloroid pics. this may be my new thing.

these are pics of the new garden that I planted last sunday, and a few bulbs that have popped up in unexpected places. since I can't see these surprise tulips and one random daffodil unless I choose to go out and visit them, should I cut them and bring them into the house or should I just let the birds enjoy them?

veggie garden
hiding daffodil

check out my makeshift trellis for my peas and beans
cold hearty herbs and happy flowers on my back step


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