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don we now our gay apparel

Cara and Jeff's Wedding in 73 Seconds by Jeff Kirsch on Vimeo. Cara says, "the most important thing to remember when planning your wedding: know yourself and be yourself." I just read this on Meg's blog and I wish I had that sense of clarity when planning my wedding.

And, if I could take my 800 wedding photos and turn them into a cohesive, fantastic video like the one above, I would. But...

We set up a "photospot" at our wedding and left a box of "gay apparel" for donning while taking pics, but something went wrong with the camera and/or our guests couldn't figure out how to work it. The pics that I have seen from our photospot were taken by our photographer, who realized that that once someone had grabbed an axe and the rubber chicken head, it was time to take some pics. And they are awesome. And the very kind and wonderful and super busy owner of said "difficult" camera handed me a jump drive over xmas that supposedly contained the 20 odd photos from the photospot, but, in fact, it only had the photos from my bachelorette party - entertaining yes, but not exactly the kind of axe wielding that I was looking for.


  1. ha! Hilarious! The ax and rubber chicken head were such great ideas!

  2. But you look so HAPPY.

    And who cares about the rest (you never have to do it again...)



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