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reality check

Letterpress for way more than I can or want to spend on something that only a few of my 100 guests will want to keep. I am a bit of a collector of many things paper. I do think "ooh that's so pretty," and keep cards that contain lovely sentiments from dear friends and sometimes even family, but I would like to say once and for all -- that even if your save-the-date cards are saved by your guests up until your invitations arrive and even if your invitations are saved until a couple of days after the wedding, eventually, and I'm not talking years, YOUR INVITATIONS ARE GOING IN THE RECYCLE BIN.

Yes, even the ones that you painstakingly took hours to build yourself with multiple bits of paper and bows and glue and glitter and whatever else you put on them. Sure, your mom and and your grandma and your aunt Betty will keep them, but that's only three people from your 100+ person guest list. And especially the one that you paid $2000 to have letterpressed.

Don't get me wrong, I love letterpress. There are so many beautiful invitations out there including these from Studio on Fire as seen as "budget" by SMP (the comments section has some good links to help on how to DIY a tad cheaper than $2000):
But don't forget, they are going in the trash. And postage alone is at least $84 for 100 invites (stamp to get it there, stamp for the RSVP) if the paper isn't too heavy.

(Which is also why I like the save-the-dates and thank yous that have pics of the bride and groom-- they are slightly less likely to get thrown out and instead collected in with the photos that no one ever looks at.)


  1. gosh, you'd think i'd read this already when i made my own anti-letter press post!


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