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my first pie crust

My mom is the ultimate pie master. I know, everyone says that, but, she could make pie better than anyone, including my grandma. That was the one thing, that when it came to cooking an elaborate meal, my grandma would say, no, Anita is making the pie. Although, I have watched my mom make pie hundreds of times (we didn't have pie all the time - mainly holidays), I still had never made pie crust before. Until last night. It's hard to live in the shadow of the best.

Of course, as you know, I have been having a bit of trouble with my diet lately. And while I am lucky to not have to be completely without wheat, this last week of eating it has proven to be, well, maybe not the greatest idea. Although it could have been a couple of other factors too.  Major work stress, running out of one of the "good bacteria" supplements that I take, running out of much of the "good food" that I have been trying so hard to eat, lack of exercise, bla bla bladibla bla. I need to treat myself better. Anyway. When I make my own meals, I'm still trying to go for no wheat, which generally translates to gluten-free. But I have been ultra-uninspired of late to cook my mushy brown rice pasta (yes, it is mushy. It's not done, not done, not done, mushy. and it disintegrates in cheese sauce. quinoa pasta is much better, but more expensive and they don't have it at trader joe's). The fact is, I need new inspiration.

{quiche by me}
Yesterday, I got totally inspired to make quiche. I love quiche but, having a wheat crust, I can't buy it anywhere (or at least I shouldn't).  So even though I grew up with my mom's all-purpose flour and lard pie crust (divine!) I went for gluten free flour and butter crust.  I kind of figured, if it wasn't as good as my mom's I could blame it on the flour.  And, the crust, was not as good as my mom's. Despite finding lovely recipes for gluten-free pie crust both on whole foods website and the gluten-free girl, I bailed on the multi-flour recipes and tried using Bob's Red Mill All Purpose gluten-free in a Mark Bittman recipe  (because it had an egg in it which is supposed to be better with quiche).  While the quiche insides turned out quite tasty, the crust was a flop.

Today reading more of gluten free girl's blog, she said that she makes an all purpose flour that doesn't include bean flour, that could have been part of it. I also think I over pre-baked it. And I may have over-worked it initially. Eh. Whatever. The quiche was still super delicious. I made one with asparagus, ham, leeks and english cheddar (the most popular) and one with roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, leeks and gouda parmesan. And it only took my unskilled self, like, three hours. And I made a huge mess in what now seems like an even tinier kitchen than before.

But, despite the part where I was swearing when rolling out the pie crust and having it break apart, I love cooking. I love cooking for friends who love to eat. It was all worth it. So, I'd better get inspired to make more stuff. (Although if I have to get a food scale just to follow the recipes on gluten-free girl and cannelle et vanille... grr.)


  1. Way to go! Even if it didn't turn out perfect I am impressed and it LOOKS yummy. That counts for a lot, you know. Also, let the bad diet week go, girlfried. Everyone has a bad week and thinking about it adds 5 pounds isweartogod.

  2. Diets are trouble, in general, they should be avoided ~ would love to come have a slice with you, yum!

  3. Your quiche does look delicious.

    Quiche and custard pies are the trickiest, I think, because of the high moisture content and the gluten-free flours make the process more challenging. If you have one, a food processor really helps to keep one from overworking the dough, but handmade dough is achievable, of course.

    Keep at it. The world needs more pie.

  4. Wow, that looks so delicious!! Made my mouth water :)


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