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accountability (and risotto)

{brown rice spring vegetable risotto from whole foods}
I've been obsessing a lot about food lately - a requirement when on an elimination diet. No, I'm not on a full elimination diet, because I know I'm good with certain foods, but the ones we're not so sure of are out. So, I ditched papaya (supplements and body creams), but because I was a bit sensitive to all citrus, all citrus is out for now. We knew I had a wheat and yeast sensitivity (beer, and they both appeared on the test too) those are out. These were the rules handed down on April 12. I have since broken them all a few times but as of April 24, I've been good. Except that I discovered this morning that there is lemon juice on the frozen peaches that I use every day. Citrus has been particularly hard because it's not a common allergen and it's in and on everything. It sneaks up on me. But, I have whipped limes out of my soda water and inspected oh so many ingredient lists. I passed cinco de mayo without a margarita or guacamole. I had no idea how much I pined for citrus-y things. I can't wait to start adding that back in. Technically I'm not allergic to gluten, so I don't have to hyper-sensitive about my wheat free stuff so that has been going better than I thought. But I've been cooking a lot more. Luckily, G is not too picky and has been incredibly supportive of my diet. Including the night it took me an hour of stirring to make Brown Rice Spring Vegetable Risotto. I must have been out of my mind. It was quite tasty, and I may in fact make brown rice risotto again, but not on a weeknight and not when I'm already hungry. Generally, I prefer mushroom risotto but I really liked the addition of asparagus in this dish. And it has very little cheese so it's a very healthy choice. But. A whole hour. Stirring. Over the stove. Anyways.

Since all of this began, I am working harder on scheduling and planning my meals (otherwise, I eat nuts at my desk for lunch, aka starvation). But, I'm still not doing very well. Despite my food obsession and with the addition of feeling generally ill (wheat reaction, sinus infection, etc.) I have done little or no physical activity in three weeks. Well, that stops tonight because I'm going to the gym to meet with a new personal trainer. again. Hopefully, she won't try to kill me. They usually do. But the real reason why I am telling you this: accountability. I am going to the gym. I'm not lying. Really. I'm on my way...


  1. so a few weeks ago I was soooo down about my decreased health and increase body fat percentage. Like - reallllllly sad about it. With an upcoming wedding, that just sucks.

    Anyway...I started a STRICT diet. And by the end of the week I gained two pounds.

    I can't deprive myself to diet. Or else I binge. And stuff my face with Krispy Kreme's at the end of the day :-)

  2. I need to be healthier. I want to be healthier.

    I can't deprive myself.

    I need to change my whole way of thinking. So hard.


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