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on the verge of...

{cherry blossom doughnuts via cannelle et vanille}
five weeks ago, Kim, the lovely woman who gives me regular facials said something you never want to hear from her: I'm not happy with our results.

for those of you who don't know, I have pretty terrible skin (something I panicked a lot about before the wedding, managed it reasonably well with a lot of cover up and trick photography (ha!)). but in the last few months it has only gotten worse. Kim suggested that it might be an allergy - she is on a gluten-free diet because of just such an allergy. So, thinking it couldn't be so bad, I endeavored to eat no wheat.

I did badly. because I did not properly prepare to do such an intense thing, I didn't eat as much food as I should have and I got stomach cramps and dark circles under my eyes and after 11 long days, I gave up. ah wheat, you tasty tasty treat. so for nearly three weeks now I have been eating wheat again. In the last week and a half, I began getting headaches, feeling tired, bloated and worst of all, I started to break out really bad. so today, I have an appointment to get tested to see if I am allergic to wheat, gluten and whatever else may be killing me slowly. the prospect is terrifying. I can never eat out again. I'll never eat a ham and gruyere croissant again. crepes, nope. rosemary olive oil loaf, forget it. crackers, ha. and doughnuts...
and then I found this whole section in canelle et vanille marked gluten free. beautiful and lovely and I don't know why she does it, but thank the heavens. I may still be able to eat fantastic food - if I make it myself.
who knows, maybe I'm not allergic to wheat or gluten, but if not, what then?


  1. If you are, I'd suggest reading through Shauna's story at Gluten Free Girl. Her book is great also. There are lots and lots of gluten free resources out there. Hang in there!

  2. More and more people are discovering that they are gluten intolerant and more and more shops (particularly vegan) are catering to those needs - pastries included. Particularly on the West Coast cities, you'll find a lot more options than you might think. It would be a hard transition, no doubt, but manageable. We have a friend who goes into anaphylactic shock upon eating gluten and he can always find *something* to eat when he goes out, even if he has to ask for special preparation.

    I'm dealing with some health issues too that necessitate a major dietary shift, so I completely sympathize. Good luck with the process.

  3. One of my best friends discovered a gluten allergy a few years ago. It changed her life. She used to have no energy, have terrible allergies and get sick all the time. She is more than 100% better since taking on the gluten-free diet. It was really hard for her at first but there are a lot of resources out there now. I've even seen restaurants (in CA anyway) with gluten-free options. This is a site my friend swears by -

  4. oh wow!! i'm sorry about all of that - bad skin know how I deal with it. Maybe it's just the places I shop...but there are whole sections of gluten-free products at the groceries I frequent - and lots of restaurants and cafes are offering a limited section of gluten free fair. I think it's gaining popularity and more and more people realize they have thee allergy - I think I read somewhere that it is much more prevalent than we think.

    I'll be thinkin' of ya.

  5. Intolerant.... different than a full out allergy. I have a lot to say about this, girl- I need to email you.

    (If it's not celiac than you can let your intestines heal by taking out wheat, gluten, ect... and then probably eventually eat them carefully in the future. Like I said, I should just email you.)

    Maybe all of us weird diet girls should join together!!

  6. well if it turns out to be gluten and/or wheat there is really a great community out there of all us food allergy/intolerant type people, so don't dispair!


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