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don't over think it

Often when I stumble on something truly amazing, it is because I am struck by its simplicity. For example, months ago I clipped out a picture of an obi belt from Vogue (not pictured). Maybe because I wasn't yet fully convinced by the wide belted waist trend yet and this was my turning point, my subtle convincing (add an Asian inspired twist to just about anything and my mouth starts watering (mmm sushi)), but I suddenly became enamored with this obi belt. Of course being in Vogue it was probably Versace or Prada or Miu Miu or something making it like a million dollars. But I clipped it thinking, oh yeah, I can totally make this. But, like many things, I did not even attempt to make the belt. I thought about it a lot. I realized that I should buy some interfacing at the fabric store. I thought about the length, sketched it out, considered how to make it cross just right at the small of my back without being a big jumbled knot, and then, just like that, I dropped it. If fell to the back of my brain, to the bottom of the list, swimming in the ocean of things I want to do eventually. Along with make Sandy a la Mode's prada knockoff.

Thinking I'll never get around to it, I considered purchasing this anthropologie obi belt, but in person, it was way too cammo green for me. I've got nothing to wear it with.

Then today I saw this one, which is still not really the color I'd go for, but lovelies, the simplicity of the crossover on the back is like an epiphany.
{need supply co.}
{divine backing...}
Sometimes I feel like the universe it throwing things at me, screaming DO SOMETHING AWESOME!
Yeah, we'll see...


  1. awwww YOU CAN DO IT GIRL! i promise the dress is super easy!! =) u just need the time and motivation!


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