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in the beginning...

there was prada.
{prada via style scientist}
{this is glamorous}
then sandy a la mode and her ladies made three lovely little prada inspired numbers from scratch (okay, I don't know if they were inspired by prada, but they look like prada to me). Just looking at it, I knew it would be a simple design, but now, I have no excuses (except all the usual ones I come up with...). Sandy put the instructions right on her blog. I definitely need to make a new frock.
{sandy a la mode original}


  1. how beautiful! so flowery and perfect for spring :) sandy for sure is one talented girl!

  2. awww thanks soo much for reposting my dress and spreading the love!! =) and i am soo flattered u think the dress looks like a prada one *blush* now if only "sandy a la mode" could be a name brand like "prada" i'd make millions of dresses and make millions of dollars, hahaha!

  3. I love the dress!!! I need to step up my sewing skills!


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