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umbrella weekend

it promises to rain this weekend, so, umbrellas.

I am completely in love this photo from oh brooke. and it's free to download and print as you like at big as 11"x 14". right now it's my happy work desktop. and that's all I have right now because it's been a long long day to end a long week.

but oh so happy friday!

{Installation by Ingo Maurer, photographed by Jesus Manuel Nieto Bobadilla via oh brooke}


  1. i love this shot--it was something i had saved as an idea when planning the wedding. so not feasible. but i dig how wedding planning thoughts allow for such out-of-budget magical thinking.

  2. SERA! great shot - thanks for's now my comp background too :-)

  3. What an awesome shot. It's so dreamy but fun!

  4. and now post wedding there is so much magical thinking leftover for little things... sigh.


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