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arm fat redux

I think this bears repeating: in arm fat I lamented the fact that bridal gowns mostly seem to come in not just sleeveless but strapless as well. If you can pull it off, I have nothing against strapless, but I couldn't. And I should have followed my personal trainer's instructions and worked on my arms more. er, some. er, at all.
As Sandy a la mode pointed out in the comments:
when you take pictures, just make sure your arm is away from your body and not pressed up against it!

{image Katherine Krogstad}
This is where I start to think that an engagement session might have been a good idea. Despite staring at countless, beautiful, wedding photos, I had no idea what to do with myself. I completely forgot that my husband is nearly a foot taller than me (and I wore kitten heels for comfort - and cause they're fabulous!). If only I had known where to put my pale, flabby arms before my wedding day, that would have been loverly. Instead, I kept hugging my husband because I was excited and he was just so darn cute. And my photographer, more of a photojournalist, didn't try to position us or prompt us so much. We all just felt a bit weird. And, I hadn't gone to the venue yet so I didn' t have my bouquet. I think I held my bouquet for a total of 5 minutes. I even forgot to take it back from my MOH after the kiss.

Anyway, not only do I have terrible arm fat in several pictures, but my pale arm wasn't crossing a white gown which would have been slightly less obvious, it was crossing a navy gown which nicely highlighted my fleshy appendage (see left).

*why is it I am suddenly all excited to show you all my least favorite pics?

{I think I scheduled this contest to go on too long. I'm bored with pimping it. ends tonight!}


  1. Look how happy and beautiful you two are!

    This is where I put my flabby arm around you and say, "Honey, that's just what arms look like."

    It bears mentioning that even supposedly ideal bodies in magazines have been cropped and lopped and photoshopped. And while I am not one to blame the media for all out problems, it can be a challenge to develop a realistic, happy body image.

    ...not that I'm not going to hold my arms away from my body when I'm being photographed from now on.

  2. Such a cute picture! You both look so happy! The recommendation I've often heard is to add some angles and movement to your limbs - which you're doing by hugging your hubby - to appear more slender and animated.

  3. But you're sooo happy in that picture. Twenty years down the road no one's going to give a damn, but you'll always see the joy and that is priceless.

    But you didn't need anyone to tell you that, did you. Cuties.

  4. This post convinced me that we're all insane about looks-related nonsensical nothings and we all have beautiful photos. I didn't see arm fat in that photo at all. I saw smiles. And I love that you kept hugging him because you didn't know what else to do. that's exactly what we all should be doing, right? Hugging and kissing and squeeing?


    the first thing that popped from this picture was YOUR smile and your HUBBY'S smile!!! Wow.

    and your arm looks like everyone's arms I know....normal.

    and to avoid feeling awkward in wedding pics, do you recommend a drink or two? ya know...if you were to do it again?

  6. You guys are soooo sweet! okay, now I do want to post some of the "good" pics.

    @A.M.B - We started taking pictures 2.5 hours before the ceremony. We got to the venue at 5 (start time was 6:30), I had to dodge some early family members and didn't start drinking until about 5:30 ish. Um, I was way too nervous. I had probably a 1.5 glasses of champagne before the ceremony but didn't feel a thing until afterwards.

    My advise: Don't use alcohol as a relaxant to fall back on. You'll get wasted trying to relax and you'll still be nervous. I also didn't want to drink too much because I didn't want to pee.

  7. So cute! I don't see your arm I see you two happy and looking lovely!

  8. oh hunni! you guys look beautiful and happy in this picture! your arms loook totally normal and NOT fat in this one!


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