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arm fat

because it seems like many of us love the sleeve and wonder where they have all gone.

I put my foot down on strapless because, well, I'm not so well endowed, (although I'm not sure what the physics are on strapless, except perhaps gravity) and because I hate watching a bride raise her arms like a chicken to yank up her 30 lb dress so she doesn't expose her ta-tas. (that goes double for the ill-fitting, strapless bridesmaid gown.)

I kind of wish I'd covered my arm fat a little better too...


  1. Oh I'm all about the sleeves!

    Fine if you don't like them but I think they just look so delightful. Roll on november!

  2. you are too funny my dear.

    i find myself wishing i had higher BACK on my dress...out of the fuck knows where I have bachne. Whaaa??

  3. lol you are too funny. i HATE HATE HATE arm fat, boo! i hear when you take pictures, just make sure your arm is away from your body and not pressed up against it!

  4. No one told me that before. When I got our pictures back I had my arms wrapped around my husband in several that would have been decent. And it wasn't just that my pale arm fat was pressed against a white dress, no it was pressed against navy blue creating a perfect shadow to my arm fat. It looked even worse.


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