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I spent the majority of this last beautiful weekend indoors designing our wedding invitations. I figured that even though I can't walk or stand for long periods of time (having thrown out my back on my birthday) since now I can sit in a chair rather than lay flat on my back, I would be at least a little productive. while I'm excited to be getting much better at wielding adobe illustrator, I kind of wish I had seen this telegram wedding invite two days ago. 

Not to mention the rest of this stunning 20's inspired wedding would have been nice to see about two-three months ago, before it happened. Because, pretty much any of these dresses could have been the dress for me. 

but especially that grey-blue one in the right pic. can you say dress remorse (again)? although I have no idea where I would have acquired such a beautiful dress.


  1. I am also obsessed with this wedding. Amazing. Sorry to hear about your back - that sucks.


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