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on exhaustion

i apologize for not posting in the last few days. my head is rumbling and tumbling with ideas, none of which i can fully pull into view. i have been super busy at work dealing with people who don't listen or read instructions. and having spent all day long in front of a computer typing to those who don't listen, i stopped wanting to type to anyone. and there are people in my life that i need to attend to. i have neglected my friends from far away and owe a few of them some graduation congratulations.

and i owe much thanks and love to some of you, my fellow bloggers. you have been so kind.

so this is my promise: i will be more attentive and express my love to those who I have neglected. I am off to work, but promise more soon.

image from the lovely and amazing alicia bock. more on her soon. {here}