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we met in a bar

So, I just want to say how honored I am that Heather from we met in a bar gave me props on her gorgeous site (here). I posted this dahlia bouquet which I saw on a practical wedding (here).

Apparently Heather and I both want dahlias, and why not? They are big and fluffy and gorgeous and IN SEASON in September. Which leads me to a comment I got from Tina on a different post (here). Tina said her florist told her that dahlias are out of season?! I find that really rude, because they are IN SEASON and readily available (at least here in Seattle) and when you do the flower finder on Real guess what comes up -- that's right, dahlias.

So here's my issue: I believe that Tina may have hired a florist that is a liar, and possibly lazy. Who knows maybe she doesn't like dahlias for some reason, but if Tina wants dahlias in September, I think she should have dahlias, especially because she is paying for a florist to find them and make something beautiful for Tina and her guests to adore. My advice? hire a new florist. (that is, if you don't want to do your own flowers which is what I'm doing.)

Which brings me to another story about florists. A friend of mine told me that when she got married (twelve years ago, now) she really wanted white roses - a common enough flower, right? So she ordered white roses for her bouquet and headpiece and centerpieces. The wedding wasn't very big apparently so there weren't supposed to be a ton of flowers. So when the day came and the florist ran out of white roses, instead of calling the bride and discussing other possibilities (while grovelling at her lack of preparation and/or complete incompetence) instead the florist substituted pink roses. Not another white flower, nooooo, a pink flower. Which did not in any way look good with the bride's baby blue gown. She was livid, and the florist did dig around and find some ivory and white other flowers, but - the nerve!

You are paying your florist for services. Make sure they aren't going to screw you.