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simple orange dahlias and ranunculas (out of season)

From the knot (!?)


  1. we seem to be having similiar problems...Haha I adore Dahlias and wanted them everywhere for our Sept. wedding but my florist insisted there was no way to get them in sept. So sad.

  2. What!? In Seattle dahlias are definitely still in season! Maybe I don't know the east coast but I think your florist is just lazy. Real Simple weddings lists it as an August/September flower.

    I would research florists a little more. That makes me worried for you. I had a friend who had a bad florist and when she ran out of white roses, she switched to pink without even consulting the bride! She hated them!

    In fact, I'm not even hiring a florist. I'll most likely be buying dahlias from the Pike Place Market.


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