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color cunundrum

I just say this on 100 layer cake and as usual I am stupified with how beautiful. And now, trying to figure out how this integrates with my midnight blue dress and fire red dahlias. And my venue, the LUC venue below. Any words of wisdom?


  1. Sera, I poked around and couldn't find your dress? Do you have a link to your post on it? Anyways, I think that this board totally goes with your palette (it already has a blue and a red).

  2. I haven't posted my dress yet. I only have pictures of me in it, and they aren't very good. It's a cocktail dress and I'm wearing black and grey striped socks! It was February, and I didn't expect to find "the" dress. The designer is Lena Medoyeff, a small, up-and-coming Portland, Or designer and her website is still under construction. One of the reasons I love my dress so much is that I can't wait to crinkle it up in a ball and throw it in my suitcase for my honeymoon. It's cocktail length, crinkled thai silk. I should just take a pic of it on the hanger.

  3. Mmmmm I love it! So rich and romantic. I think it could totally work with the art deco feel of the venue. I would personally leave the chairs plain and with the money saved on chair covers get some dark colored tablecloths in either the midnight or plum (or mix of both!) and keep the venue's white napkins to keep it light. Your fire red dahlias as a backdrop and voila!

  4. P.S. This palette has very dark tones and your venue is dark (or appears so from the pictures) with all the dark wood. This palette would not add a lot of light, but with a bunch of candles it could create a very romantic ambiance. If you are considered about it being too dark, you may want to emphasize the lighter colors, like mimsie said with the napkins.

    P.P.S. Your dress sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see pictures.


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