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the venue

So, I wanted some decent pics of the place, but my lousy snapshots of the partially and poorly decorated event (I'm sparing you the white chair covers with sparkley pink organza bows, and the over capacity seating - I sincerely hope that I have better taste than that) will have to do for now.
Honestly, I love the place but perhaps now you'll understand why I'm so concerned about getting a talented photographer who can wield a flash well -- clearly, I am not that person.

The mirror shot above a booth to show how big the space can look, and yet how intimate and romantic it is as well. There will be something like 400 candles around the room.

There are five booths on either side of the room. Very 20's.

This is the ceremony stage, and it will have more chairs, and then it will be converted into the dance floor. (but there will be no bouquet throwing or garter throwing - just toasts, more drinking, and gettin' down.

p.s. okay, I lied. I had to show you how hideous the pink and foofy chair covers. I'm not saying I'm in love with those chairs, cause I'm not, (although I won't be throwing a fit about them or the steak knives) but wow, that's the solution?


  1. This space is so fantastic! It has so much character just as it is. And I think the chairs go with the feel of the space and are very simple and minimalist.

  2. Kristin and Justin got married there :) Check out their Real Wedding for more LUC photos?


  3. I have a love/hate relationship with chair covers... I think they might be just horrible enough that I kind of love them.


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