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buying in bulk

So, I want simple centerpieces, each with just a few flowers in bud vases, but many buds in many vases adds up to a lot. So, thanks to my mom for stumbling upon save-on-crafts. I love this site!

What do you put dahlias in (a top heavy bloom) so that they won't fall over? Something with a weighted base:

Spring Valley Crisa vases 5" tall - box of 6 for $8.34 ($1.39 a piece)
Cocktail Decanter carafes 3-3/4" tall - box of 72 for $97.20 ($1.35 a piece)
Vase gems assortment, clear, ice blue & cobalt blue - 24 packages for $23.76 ($.99 per pkg)

And extra vase gems could be scattered on the table to catch extra light from candles, etc. (if I decide I need to be that messy).