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how does your garden grow?

We had a few more days of glorious sun last week, so I spent a good amount of time digging around in the garden, both mine and my mom's.  It's both inspiring and exhausting.  I have a lot of space to work with, and yet I have too much space to work with.

Without much help from me, spring begins with tulips and bluebells brightening the green green beds.  Once they retire for the year, it's up to me.  Soon.  I have already begun pulling out some of the weeds and grass that have invaded in full force.  

I have already planted some sweet peas, beets, arugula, and carrots into one of the planter boxes.  I've got six inches of pea shoots already!  And, I think with last night's rain, they grew another inch today, but I'm not exactly getting out the ruler.

Otherwise, I am getting inspired for plantings, assuming I ever do get those weeds pulled out.  I have a color scheme all picked out.  I have seeds and a few tiny geranium plants.  I think I'm too late for poppies and forget about the peonies.  But I'm hoping for a couple of new dahlias, all in the same color scheme below.  At least this is what I'm dreaming of.
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Mandy Disher 

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  1. The images you gathered are lovely, Sera. Is that your color scheme? Brilliant!

    I am an inconsistent gardener. I garden when I feel like it, not when the task needs to be done. That makes me particularly bad at vegetable gardening. And yet I plant a few every year to supplement the CSA...if not for me then for the birds.

    Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows.

    1. That is the color scheme that I am aiming for. At the end of last summer I managed to get a little bit of this in the ground and it looked amazing, but small. More like a vignette of what I wanted. If I can accomplish even close to what I want, it will be a miracle of weeding.

      Plus, I'm a fair weather gardener. If there is even a hint of cold wind, I run inside. We'll see how I fair this year.

    2. Miracles happen; but "a chance of a cold wind"...isn't that like...summer here?

      I was at the nursery a couple years ago and admired the bright, tropical color scheme of the person in front of me and the all white and variegated foliage scheme of the person behind me. I had to laugh at my selections because they were all brown...chocolate cosmos, brown irises, bronzy something or other. It wasn't a conscious plan; I just grabbed what I liked.

    3. I have to be careful when I just grab what I like. I end up with all similar foliage and it just looks like a mass of the same thing. Also, I like herbal, smelly flowers which always tend to be purple, and when I get them into the garden, they look boring to me. I'm not complaining, but the masses of bluebells right now are not my color scheme and yet I have to wait until they are finished to rip out everything for new plantings. I just didn't plan at all. :)

  2. "It's both inspiring and exhausting. I have a lot of space to work with, and yet I have too much space to work with." That's exactly how I feel! I'm trying to put in a bunch of perennial flowers because I don't want to have to do as much work next spring.


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