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photo of the day: I don't want to win, I want to play

Yesterday, Mollie introduced me to The Idea Room's March Photo-a-day Challenge.  I love the inspiration to be creative and I love the simplicity of the assignment, after all, I tried to give myself the photo of the day assignment last year.  But somehow having someone else state the assignment gives it structure, which is much easier than making my own structure, and frankly, I love the clause that states:
"What if you forget a day…or 2…or 20? Not a big deal…really! Just start up again.  You can play catch up, or just start again.  No one will care…I promise.  Heck…I skipped plenty of days when life got too crazy and the prompts are mine!!  Share with your friends and family!  Have fun.  The point is to get you to record your everyday moments.  To capture a small snapshot of your day."

In that clause is an allowance to try and fail, all the while knowing that the effort is in the journey, the trying, not in the completion of the project.  I need to respect my enjoyment of the journey a bit more.  After all, why do we do anything if the end goal is the end?  To me that's a little like saying the point of life is death.  Um.  That sucks.  I don't want to win, I want to play. 

So, while I took the first photo yesterday and posted it to the idea room instagram, I didn't post it here.   Until today. 

Day 1: clock

Day 2: morning

Funny how daylight improves the quality of the photo.  Oh well. 


  1. Love it! And totally agree- them picking out the subject makes this seem do-able...


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