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how does your garden grow? part 1

hello loves, sorry to have been gone so long. these last two weeks have been filled with craziness and drama and elation in just downright bizarre ways. I have tons to share, but first I'll start with green thoughts. my garden has been successful in some ways and less so in others but if there is one thing I love it's herbs. herbs in my salad, herbs in my cooking, herbs just cause they're pretty - my sage has sprouted some lovely purple flowers which I suppose you can eat and I just bought an ornamental oregano that looks like pink hops! (pictures later).

but no matter how successful my garden is now, in August, I know that winter is coming and that I'll still want some herbs. rosemary and thyme are usually pretty available all year round here, but basil and parsley? not so much. so, I might have to figure out where to hang one of these lovely pieces.
* of course I first saw it on coco kelley


  1. Yay, you're back! I did wonder where you went off to...

    I continue to be amazed by people with successful gardens. We're currently reaping the benefits of Craig's brother's garden veggies and it makes me wish I didn't have a brown thumb oh so badly.

    And thanks for the love on my blog, sera. I really do appreciate your advice and sweetness, you always make my day! Can't wait to hear what you've been up to...

  2. I keep wanting to start a lil window sill've just inspired me. this weekend I will do just that.

    i've missed you darling!!!


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