Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There is just something fantastic about reading from a beautifully bound work of art. Maybe it's not as convenient as an iPad or a Kindle, and probably more expensive, but I like the feel and smell of paper between my fingers as I turn the pages. And when I'm not turning the pages of that particular book, I like the look of them lined up on our five bookshelves. Admittedly, my G has a bigger collection of attractive hardcovers although many of them are science fiction replete with cheesy book jackets. Perhaps that's part of why he prefers the hard cover - strip off that jacket and it looks like a regular cloth bound book. My contributions to our collection mostly consist of "literary" paperbacks. But, that copy of Pride and Prejudice that I'm reading - it's one of those new Penguin classics with the vintage cover designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. And she has a new collection of F.Scott Fitzgerald books to add to my collection. I just have to keep the drool from staining the books. Now, if she would just do a version of E.M. Forester's A Room With A View. Please? I love that book and only one copy (mine) I've ever seen has the Italian translations in the back. Anyway, how much do you love these?


  1. oh I SAW these...swooned...for like 10 whole minutes. lusty.

  2. these are so nouveau-tastic. but oh man, how about a virginia woolf set?

  3. i should have said deco-tastic, but what's a brain to do in all this heat?! apparently, lose a few design years.

  4. I still haven't figured out the real difference between deco and nouveau. I like them both so I guess I never bothered to differentiate. and yes to the viginia woolf set!



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