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summer interior

so, I love coco + kelly. she posts amazing interiors and works for anthropologie which is just about enough to love her and be super jealous of her. but every summer I look drearily at my living room and think, yep, this is a winter room. our small living room is filled to the brim with bookshelves (2 metal barristers one mammoth black ikea number), a large tv and two brown couches (one cloth (mine), one leather(his)) and to top it off, a lovely hand-me-down, wool indian rug (beautiful, but dark). So while I pine away for a little more space, maybe some new pillows (that G will throw off the couch - why do men hate pillows?) and a sisal rug to brighten up the place, I do nothing. Still I am struck with the dreamy, seaside, beauty of these spaces...
{coco + kelly}
and then it hits me. he hates pillows, but how could he hate that a little lightweight throw? when i saw this picture, I just knew that I needed a linen or cotton throw to make those two dark brown couches look a little less depressing in the summertime:
{coco + kelly}

But where to get such a lovely little thing without breaking the bank? Et voila! Design*Sponge posted this lovely little day at the beach product guide and so, I ordered this: 
{steven alan via d*s}
the only trouble is you don't get to pick out your color. I'm sure it will match our living room's vintage tour de france posters just lovely. don't you think?


  1. Eric hates the pillows too. Why, oh why?

    And I agree that if he can get the Tour you should get Mad Men. Eric got the Tour via some internet subscription- how do they watch for hours at a time???????

  2. Love the vintage bicycle posters. I also love mosquito netting, but don't love the thought of living in an area where it's necessary!

  3. Love all this inspiration. Mark doesn't hate pillows but they have to be comfortable for his head. I try to explain sometimes they are just for looks and not naps. He doesn't agree.


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