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polka dot

so. this is how it works out with me. I had half a post written for you for today but then, just as I'm thinking I should post it, I was reminded that today is Bastille Day. Actually, I knew it was Bastille Day but just like many things of late, it didn't register with me until I saw this glorious Amelie post on Hindsight Bride. Ah, Amelie. And I just saw the new Jean-Pierre Jeunet film on Monday. It was tres bien, mais pas d'Amelie (feel free to correct my francais. c'est tres terrible).

Anyway, I knew it was Bastille Day because instead of blogging, I have been watching le tour de france. G got cable for the first time in 10 years because he wanted to watch it, so we've been recording it on the dvr. And the thing is, it only stays interesting if I watch every stage because otherwise, I forget who the important players are (my friend Sally would be shaking his head right now. but then he'd smile and say, "it's okay darlin'! I'm just glad you're watchin'"! and then he'd give me a hug. cyclists can be so nice). Anyway, G keeps telling me he loves me because I stayed up until 12:30 am last night watching two recorded stages of the tour with him. check. here is my official Bastille Day Tour de France highlight:
{the 2010 polka dot jersey podium girl dresses via versus}

Wearing a dress like that would be the closest I could ever come to cycling up one of those grueling French mountain stages. Don't you just want your own??? I just won't sit down in it.

* @ Sarah - Hooray for Andy Shleck!
* @ Christie - ooh - Delicatessen! MicMacs is good and absolutely worth seeing, but not as good as either Delicatessen or Amelie.
* @ apalershadeofwhite - you can use a reader on a smartphone???? can I get that for my getto crackberry? 


  1. allons, enfants de la patrie! Happy Bastille Day :)

  2. oh my goodness, my house has the same situation going on! this is the first time in my life we have had cable and we got it specifically to watch the tour and we've been dvr'ing it and watching it together nightly. my husband is a serious cyclist and meanwhile i'm afraid to go down any incline without the brakes. but i've enjoyed watching the tour, and andy shleck was my pick from the beginning, so i'm happy to see him in yellow today!

  3. OMG, I totally feel ya with the half written posts. I have no less than 43 on the back end of HSB! I think of it as insurance is I ever feel less-than-inspired.

    And yay Tour de France. And yay to polka dots. But tell me: yay or nay on the new Jean-Pierre Jeunet film? You know, as wonderful as Amelie is, Delicatessen is actually my favorite film. That should speak volumes my dear ;-)

  4. I was watching the Tour when I read your post last night. This is the first year we haven't had cable for the Tour. We've been streaming it from Versus on my old, slow iBook so while the race loads, I check my reader on my phone. Next year we'll be sure to get cable! I miss Bob Roll!

  5. I have a crackberry too - the flip one (pearl, I think) and I just have wifi (no 3g or whatever). I just go to, et viola, instant entertainment as I wait to see if Cavendish will pull off a win again.


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