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shoe update

When I let my cat go outside, she stays pretty close to home because she's the epitome of scaredy-cat. Not only is she afraid of most people if they aren't G or me, she's incredibly territorial when she sees another cat and begins yowling and hissing and emitting sounds as if she's being mutilated. When this happens and she's outside, one of us has to run out and scare the offending cat away while my little black terror runs back inside to hide in our basement bedroom. In fact, she gets so spitting mad when she sees other cats that sometimes she is afraid of her own reflection in the dark and wakes us up to kitty death sounds. Unfortunately, we have fully mirrored closet doors so there is no avoiding her seeing her own reflection. Oh, my adorable, stupid cat. 

But when I do let her go outside, she usually eats a bunch of super tasty lawn which inevitably upsets her stomach until she runs into the house and pukes up a little gooey green clump. Because god forbid she do that outside too. 

This morning I looked down at one of my rattier old pairs of black ballet flats and thought what the heck is that stain on the insole? Upon further inspection, I realized the second shoe was filled with a gooey green clump. My beloved, stupid little cat puked in not one, but two, separate shoes but missed the carpet completely. How thoughtful of her.  

Because I got two requests for a review, the Toms are actually much more comfortable than most of the pairs of ballet flats that I own. They have more sole, a reasonably supportive insole and cover more of my foot so they are less likely to fall off my feet while say bounding outside to scare away a neighbor cat. They even have room to accommodate my obnoxiously high arches that are often times hard to fit. I do recommend Toms for both the giving nature of the company and the comfort. I also received two complements on them by middle aged women in my office. They liked the flashy orange. 


  1. I agree... way comfortable. I wonder what your coworkers would think of my gold sequined ones!

  2. Dude, I think we own the same cat. Territorial and has a hissy fit, but yet needs me to save her, and the grass/puke thing. She NEVER pukes outside. Sooo annoying.


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