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too far?

{toms orange linen classics}
All right, so after a month of hmming and haaing over those Toms shoes that are so awesome because they donate a pair of shoes to a needy child when you buy a pair, I caved and bought a pair of Orange Linen ones. I originally thought they were kinda ugly. And, well, they are kinda ugly, even a little grandma, but they're kinda ugly in a cute way, right? (Please tell me I'm not turning into a hipster.) The main problem is that they sell them at Whole Foods and I go to Whole Foods often for, you know, food. I have for the most part been able to make the sign of the cross to the vampiric gifty sections and bakery sections and le crueset sections. I only buy some cheese and a lot of 365 brand organics and bulk flours, etc. But after days and days of walking by the end-cap that held the rotating stock of these Toms, I finally had a co-shopper, my mom, there to say, yes they are cute. Usually, by myself, I'm just indecisive enough to wuss out and not buy things, but in this instance all I needed was a nod of the head and off I was to the cash register holding a pair of orange linen slippers. And today was a casual day at work, so, yep, wore them to work. About mid-morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the restroom mirror and thought, well, not so much. Maybe with a skirt, maybe just out in the garden or to the beach or something, but with jeans at the office? I think I'd need to buy a pair of the wedges.
{red stripe calypso wedges}
Oh god, I do not need another pair of shoes!!!   or do I...

Am I a sucker if everything I buy supports a good cause? Tom, can I have a job?

p.s. I'm now starting to feel a little better because celia has a photo of them in her new header.


  1. I need to know about the comfort level on those Toms. A review perhaps?

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  3. I agree with Meghan. To me, they look too thin to be comfortable... report back, Sera!

  4. I LOVE my Toms. I have three pair... and really want the wedges.

  5. @Abbie, ooh I want the wedges too! Super cute. I wonder if Green Life or Earth Fair sells them (No Whole foods in Asheville_ :(

  6. Love the wedges. I really want the navy ones. Toms is awesome. My friend worked for them for awhile and loved it.


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