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on "literature"

ehem. Have I ever mentioned I have a problem with the amount of magazines I subscribe to? My husband hates it. I subscribe (because it's the best way to support the magazine publishing industry, and they cost waaaaaaaay less that way), they arrive in the mail and, yep, there they are. A literal pile of to do. It's a fun to do list, but I admit, I don't get around to reading them as fast as I might like. And then there is the whole recycling aspect. Usually I bring them to work and leave them in our break room for others to enjoy, but I admit, I have trouble keeping up. It's the same way with my email. I subscribe to the emails that I want to receive, but then the emails from jcrew, martha stewart, ideeli, ready made, bhg, fill up my inbox and I just don't quite get to them. But I don't want to stop getting them. ridiculous. If I could spend my days digging around in my email, reading magazine and blogs, I think I could be thoroughly entertained for the rest of my life. My butt might get tired but it already gets tired at work so, yeah. Anyway. It keeps getting worse. I admit to recently renewing my subscription to whole living, ready made and, freshly subscribing to... better homes and gardens. Here is where I realize that I am beyond the beginning, I have become old.

{bhg weddings}
If you look at the advertising, one might believe the average reader of BHG is somewhere around 55+, but the content is actually pretty modern. In fact, they even have a blog. And while Martha Stewart and Real Simple are constantly trying to attack me with damnable flash ads and auto-starting videos that bog down my interweb surfing speed, BHG does not. And I don't think I have ever seen a garden plan on Martha or RS either - genius.  And, see that lovely little centerpiece there? Yeah, I posted something similar twice and ages ago when I was pining away for this perfect rehearsal dinner. I just love love love this kind of collection of single flowers in multiple vases. So when I was digging around on BHG, I noticed that they have quite the little wedding section and newsletter, filled with actually tangible pretties and crafts. I do love Martha but sometimes, I just can't take her hamptons lifestyle. My budget can't compete. Now I understand why the grandmas of America subscribe to this lovely little magazine.

(this was not meant to sound like an ad, I am simply sharing with you my need to subscribe to several hundred magazines - sorry G.)


  1. You are not alone in your subscription mania or the only one with a husband who hates their subscriptions. I'm right there with you! I love BH&G! It's amazing how many great things I find in there.


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