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another year older

and deeper in...
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so I turned, ehem, 34 on monday. these pesky birthdays make me reflect about all kinds of things that normally just, irritate me. what have I done so far, what haven't I done so far, where am I going, what am I doing, bla, bla, bla. 
I graduated from college (yay Mills!), I got married to my lovely lovely man (but I think you may already know that), and my horoscope says that I'm on the verge of what I have been looking for... I am starting to feel hopeful even.
all in all, it was a good day, and a good weekend, although busy, because I attended a lovely bachelorette party wine tasting, celebrated father's day with G's dad, and then spent a lovely relaxing day mostly in a hammock before heading off to a super fun, darn tasty dinner at art of the table (unfortunately this place is teensy tiny and I couldn't invite all of the friends who apparently wanted to help me celebrate, so I think I'm going to do birthday redux this weekend with a bbq and...) 
I didn't get a birthday cake. which doesn't really bother me so much, except that I like cake sometimes, and it's my birthday, so. this weekend, cake. 
my friend liana says that it really should be birthday week anyways. 
so, what kind of birthday cake should I have????


  1. sera, i've missed the back and forths between our blogs too. let us be better. and happy happy birthday! i send belated candles & cakelights. & as for kinds of sugared goodness: i propose an orange crush cake. they happen to be my favorite. & they also happen to be made with orange crush.

  2. A big one?

    I would say pavlova because it is hot at the moment and cream is always good!

  3. Nothing says summer and BBQ to me more than strawberry shortcake - my fave! Here's an amazing recipe:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happiest of birthdays to you! I've missed you lately!

    And I'm going to suggest FUNFETTI cake because it's the only kind I know how to make because it's out of a box and it's damn delish.

  5. happy birthday my dear bloggy friend!!

  6. I just had chocolate espresso stout cake with espresso cream filling and caramel butter cream frosting. yes, just as delicious as it sounds, and I really really really wish i had more.


  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    No cake? Damn! If I were only closer. I would make you a kick ass cake. Perhaps I bring you a really really belated birthday cake at a Mills reunion (yay Mills!)What years do your reunions fall on? (my next on is in 2013)

  8. happy birthday to you! late, but wishing all well ;)


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