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the red chair

Outside of my obsession with black and white stripes, I have been pining away for red chairs in my backyard. It started with a couple of red painted adirondack chairs I saw sitting on the deck of a real estate agency during our recent jaunt to Cannon Beach. Naturally I did not snap a picture of them. But with my pining, I keep thinking of all of these gorgeous little Parisienne pictures on little brown pen, convinced that I had also seen red bistro chairs there. When what I actually saw were the gorgeous and lovely pictures below, but that aren't the chairs in my head. Instead... 

{little brown pen}
Imagine how I might have been confused with this one.
{little brown pen}
{little brown pen}
That's a bit more like what I had in mind...
{polly wreford via the haystack needle}

the red bistro chair
yep. something like that. or this:
anyways, I'm going outside.  happy friday!!!!