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Back when G and I were looking about for ties, I hunted a bit on-line by myself, but I knew, as picky as he is, that he would have his say in what he wore. In the end he bought a gorgeous tie that went beautifully with my dress. But, had I seen these first, I think we may have gone in a different direction. Not only are these some of the coolest ties I've ever seen, but for every tie purchase, FIGS gives a school uniform to a child in Africa in order for them to attend school. G doesn't wear ties on a day to day basis, but I may have to start finding some men who do. Or me. I think I may have to have one of those pure british woolen ties in pink. and did you see the one with the little bicycles? and hello, polka dots!


  1. oh! these are to die for ;) if only my mr. J was less picky than G! and how cool is FIGS - helping kids? yay for good actions!


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