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call me.

so, I'm sick again. again? yes, again. sick enough that I am having conversations with myself on my blog. that is, when I have the... not energy, but sitting-in-front-of-computer-itiveness to look at my blog. for thirty seconds. the real reason I am here babbling now is that I have an alumnae (I went to a womens college) event on sunday and it occured to me that I really do need a calling card. a personal calling card. but. how do I get calling cards by sunday? dilemma yet to be solved. my friend tells me that I should design my own, which, yes, I could, but did I mention that I'm sick again? and sapped of energy, creative or otherwise? yes. so.
anyways, I was looking at a bunch of super lovely calling cards on etsy which brings me to showing you how cute and inexpensive a personal calling card can be (until you hit the letterpress and then it's all over). and this just in a few moments on the etsy. if you have any suggestions for the most gorgeous of fabulous calling cards, please, tell me who. I do love looking at the paper art.
{posh girl boutique}
{almost sunday}
{pixel impress}
{vermilion star press}
okay, letterpress is way more expensive, but awfully nice...

{happy girl greetings}
I'm kinda in love with these. but with the bee graphic that she has on one of her note cards...

{oh smile}
but sent from hong kong.
{fabien barral via beast pieces}
letterpress again but an old favorite. a girl can dream can't she? and fabien barral's site is a place I could spend days. think his business card is nice? you haven't seen anything yet...

and then of course I could dream a little more and wish that mika 78 or indigo bunting would design me a calling card because I'm just so fantastic. the bees knees I tell you. the bees knees.


  1. vermilion letterpress. Yes, yes, yes

  2. I truly hope you're feeling better by now ;) these calling cards are just amazing.


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