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venue shmenue

{marvimon in la (not where we are or where they will be marrying, but isn't it so, so pretty... sigh.}
in the last 24 hours I have been researching venues for our dear friend's wedding. it's so much less stressful when it's for someone else. why didn't anyone want to help me do it? (no offense mom. you were really busy with other stuff and I was a basketcase. BASKETCASE. ah hindsight.) I say that having not yet found a venue, but having emailed seven places for info. for this year. my couple is already feeling the heat of finding a venue on a budget for six months from now. is it bad that I really want to be the hero and find them something fabulous and cheap? is it worse that my new dream is to find a lovely loft that I can rent to lovely couples who want to get married? talk about a paycheck!

did you enter my le creuset giveaway yet???


  1. you're a good friend :)
    and isn't it nice to use some of that crazy wedding knowledge that we all acquire while surviving our own wedding planning?
    i feel like i have a whole new skill set after pulling ours off!
    good luck finding a venue -- you'll find something fabulous :)


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