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navy blossoms

i am so in love with this little belt from heart of light. wouldn't it look lovely on pretty much any dress?

today i am wrecked. i sat in front of a computer at work all day and then came home to not sit in front of the computer again but where am i? yes, in front of the computer. so i feel hunched over and my eyes are tired and... i think i'm going to go read a book now. i have those.


  1. ha! i know how you feel. i ACTUALLY got out of work hella early today and wanted to read, maybe quilt a lil bit, definitely make myself a healthy dinner and go to bed early.

    i surfed the web. now it's 10pm. which means i'm even late going to bed. oh...and i ate a loaf of day old french bread for dinner...hummm.

    (ps: i have won a few contests in the last year...i'm a blog contest entering whore.)

  2. I hate that feeling when your eyes start to blur and just hurt from the computer.

    Sorry the server returned your email! I think it's because I don't really have any of the IDs below that are required to post so I just created a fake google blogger account so I could at least comment on blogs that have that. I'm trying to create one that will allow me to do more without having my blog on blogger. Sorry super long explanation.

    In short you can always email me: blissfulmusings (at) gmail (dot) com

    michelle @ blissful musings

  3. Awww! Thanks for the sweet words about the rosebud belt! I'm flattered.


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