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jason's quiche

every so often I have dinner with my friends Cassie and Michael and Jason. Jason likes to make quiche and, let me tell you, I like to eat quiche. Actually, I think Jase is working on the best pie crust in the world but... anyway it's always a pleasure to get together with our friends, drink some wine and gorge ourselves on egg pie.

last night Jase made two, because five people can't possibly be satiated with just one. um. right.

quiche one was filled with leeks, bacon (from an heirloom pig he'll have you know), garlic and swiss.
quiche two: sauteed spinach, garlic, tomatoes and sharp cheddar.

he also wants you to know that he got most of the ingredients from the ballard farmers market.

Jase was quite irritated because quiche two didn't set the way he wanted, I suspect because of the moisture in the spinach and tomatoes, but the other four of us agreed that we liked that one best. that heirloom pig is a bit fatty for my taste.

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