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down the rabbit hole


  1. That was really creepy. I was on your blog while you were on mine.
    I completely agree with the non wedding. Who needs an excuse to wear a gorgeous dress anyway?

  2. i hang out in a circle of bike nerds. in december, i went to a post cyclo-cross season event in a bar where everyone was wearing their messenger pants and t-shirts slinging beer. except this one girl who claimed to have just come from the opera. she swung her red satin gown around the bar with everyone else. knowing the kind of girl she is, most of the kids just sucked it up to A. being A. and begging for attention just like always. but secretly i wish i could pull it off because i just want to wear pretty dresses.

  3. amen to that.

    by the way, i love this video! it's almost identical in style to one i found back in August. Search my blog for "one wing fly"... i think you'll like it.


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