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how many years was it?

when G asked me to marry him, nearly one year ago, he knew I'd want to pick out my own ring. He bought an inexpensive silver ring that had six intertwined pieces - a puzzle ring. six pieces because he couldn't find a ring with eight for the eight years we had been together, and a puzzle ring because "everyone is so puzzled as to why I haven't asked you yet." yeah, a bit cheesy, but aren't all romantic things a little cheesy? the problem was, the ring was huge. it didn't even fit my thumb. and since I wanted a ring on my finger "right now!!" we went to the store and exchanged it for one that fit. they didn't have the puzzle ring he bought me in my size and they actually had a pretty terrible selection overall so we left with a rather plain, temporary ring that was still a little too big. I just have small hands.

now, I could have picked any engagement ring I wanted (within reason of course) but I'm not a diamond solitaire kind of girl, I feel like it would catch on things. I really just wanted my wedding ring. so rather than have G spend a bunch of money on two rings, I ended up buying a third, cheap silver engagement ring - a bundle of five rings that can be worn all together or split up. so when I saw this necklace...

...from minoux jewerly {via}, it reminded me of what G was trying to give me last valentine's day - a ring for every year we were together. so I guess I he should buy me this, right?