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about rain

It's raining. giant penetrating drops, this rain wants to make me cold. but. it's friday and verging on a three day weekend. it's almost valentine's day, a day that never really mattered to me, but I guess I'm just feeling cheerful.

When we got engaged, i, like so many brides, was convinced we had to have our wedding in the summer so that there would be sun and it could be a happy occasion. as if the sun itself determined how our wedding would go. I believe even G said, "it will be happy regardless of the weather." I think he even looked a little bit hurt at that.

the farmers almanac predicted a 30% chance of rain on our weekend so G insisted that we needed an indoors. and rather than just a contingency plan, which is really just more stress. So we had our ceremony and reception indoors in a place without a deck. it was gloriously sunny, although sunset was an hour after the ceremony. but, did we really need a summer wedding? a more expensive because it's wedding season wedding?

the thing is, rain doesn't matter. a wedding is a beautiful event and even if it rains unexpectedly or seasonally, it cannot ruin the importance of what the ceremony means to you. it is only rain. and to be perfectly honest, I think this wedding dress is a little more beautiful with it's rain induced, antiqued hem. don't you think so?

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where can I get that polka dot umbrella?


  1. my thoughts exactly.

    well...not from the get-go. i only wanted sunlit meadows and a clear blue Arizona sky. Until I realized it's not that big of a deal. If it will be glorious...if it doesn' will be glorious.

    I have a pair of yellow Wellies if heaven does through us a shower.


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