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Yesterday was our one month anniversary. which, given the eight years we were together before our engagement, one month doesn't seem like such a big deal. except, that we have been married for one month! I have actually had a few circumstances where I have called him my husband. And I get to look down at this pretty ring every day.

This last month has not been monumental, but it has been a bit chaotic. after the wedding, I went back to work for a few days. we didn't leave for our honeymoon on Kauai'i until ten days after. then we were there, which was wonderful and filled with sun and surf and sand. and then we came home. and my first week back at work was interrupted by two dentist appointments, the arrival of our wedding photos and a costumed cyclo-cross bicycle race (I was Dorothy from the wizard of Oz - more on that later) and did I mention that it has been cold in our fair Seattle? We are officially back to the grind. Yes.

Here we are. But we are married.
And it feels different. and fantastic. but has it really been a whole month? wow.

{image: katherine krogstad our lovely photographer}


  1. oh yay! i'd want to go to hawaii right now - except i'm rather enchanted with these brilliantly colored leaves here in PA!

    I'm kinda hoping you talk about some of the adventures and moments from your wedding :-)

  2. OK that little sneak peek is not nearly enough - I want to see your dress please!

  3. Congrats!!! Show us the dress! :)


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