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disappearing act

whew! In the last two weeks I really got the smack down. I began by taking over for a sick co-worker (my mom) by working extra hours and taking on extra responsibility. Then, went on a preplanned trip to Oakland see old pals from college (neither could it be helped, nor did I want it to be rescheduled ;) ). Then at work - continued preparations for and went on a business trip. All while finalizing the graphics for and sending my invitations to the printer.

A package with my invitations arrived in my office on Friday (but being in Roslyn, Wa, where the tv show Northern Exposure was filmed) I didn't see them sitting on my desk until Monday. And they look so lovely!!! And thanks ever so to Steve from Seattle's a&a printing for the gift of paper and printing of my wedding invitations and rsvp cards.

Now the boy and I are rush addressing and stuffing envelopes, so that we can send them out no later than Friday (which is just 37 days until the big day). Ack!

I'll post pictures of them just as soon as they go out, I want people to start getting them before I show them to the world.

Meanwhile, I have a lovely new Matron of Honor and we have been shooting emails about trying to find her a lovely dress that she picks out that will coordinate with my navy and orange and pink dress. So, here are a couple of the possibilities:

The trick is, the colors are a little weird. We have the choice of tawny brown which is really orange, but how do you really know when looking at an online sample, or the deep rose for the Robin dress, or the deep rose or cantelope for the Juliet (both of the above pics are the deep rose). Ah, decisions, decisions...


  1. The great thing about J. Crew is that they take returns in-store -- I had to return a dress for one of my bridesmaids and it was painless. If you and your MOH don't mind carrying the cost of a few dresses on a CC, you could just order a few different ones, try them, and keep your favorite.

    Also, a word of warning on J. Crew strapless -- my sister-in-law wore their taffeta Lorelai dress in a wedding, and said the boning cut into her chest and made all of the bridesmaids miserable. She had the bruises to back it up, too! So watch out for that.

  2. Is there any way you can visit a store to see the colors in person, perhaps on another dress? They're both very attractive, and I'm sure either would look very nice with your dress!

  3. We actually didn't send out invitations out until a few weeks ago, and we're getting married in 23 days! Yikes.

    It all works out.


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