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please weigh in...

two questions:
1.) Do you think sending out the invitations 5 weeks before the wedding is enough time, being that I sent out save-the-dates ages ago? with an RSVP cut off two weeks from the mail date?

and 2.) Do you think that this style of RSVP postcard, with the check boxes on the "picture" side and the address on the other is sufficient? I never did get around to designing a postcard image after spending about 24 actual working hours, designing the invite with a map. I have about 24 hours to decide... help!

p.s. sorry for the lax posting again, I have been hit with a crazy storm of work at work (the place I get paid), which is also why I'm so behind on my invitations...
thanks for reading, and all of your support.

{images and lovely invites love jenna via 100 layer cake}


  1. I love the RSVP card with the check boxes on the front and the address on the back. very simple. no fuss. i think i'm going to design ours this way.
    I would assume that an RSVP cut off of 2 weeks is good for the majority of guests - maybe you could extend it or give some people a call if you're inviting people from far away (where mailing times would be longer - if you have any one like this)

    oh, and 5 weeks is plenty since you have STDs!

  2. Oh, I love the postcards! And I think 5 weeks is plenty of time given that you sent save-the-dates.

  3. The only consideration with regard to how much time you give the guests is how many people will be coming in from out of town. Even with save-the-date cards, some people wait to make travel plans until they've received the actual invitations. If you have a large number of people who will need to buy plane tickets, you may want to give them a bit more time.

    The postcards are fantastic though. I did something similar for my wedding and they worked out perfectly.

  4. I think 5 weeks is plenty of time. I like your idea for the postcard. Guests can always write something on the address side. It might be kinda fun to see what responses you will get.

  5. it'd be great if you could bump it up to 6 weeks, but 5 would be ok. i agree with k_darling -- i ended up sending our invites about 6-7 weeks before the wedding, but a lot of our out-of-town guests had already been asking about which hotel to stay at, the location of the ceremony, the approximate start/end times, etc...
    just something to consider.

  6. Yeah 5 weeks is fine but call any particular travelers who may be getting antsy to book things (or ask your families to call them with the details).

    I love the simple postcard design. I think people will write you a little note on the left below their return address. It's great!

  7. 5 weeks is perfect. And so are those postcards.

  8. the postcares - tres chic!

    and 5 weeks IS enough time...especially since the majority of your buds/fam are local!

    I can't wait to see your designs :-)

  9. I did something similar with funny options added and it worked out perfectly.
    I had a bunch of people forget to put their name on their RSVP's. Fortunately I had numbered each one of them so I knew who it had been mailed to.
    I think the 5 weeks is plenty of time. You DEFINATELY need that 2 week cut off.


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