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one day I was in anthropologie and i bought something little. I don't even remember what it was, but the lovely girl who sold it to me also asked me if i'd like to become an anthro member - at no cost to me, with no spam, just some emails with discounts and whatever. sure, i said. i already receive the anthropologie emails so what the heck. and then she hands me this adorable little bag which contained my new, matte yellow, typewriter embossed, anthro card and little, accordion style welcome card. this made my day. it reminded me of the beautiful little art books my friend Julia makes. in fact, i have been carrying around the whole bag in my wallet ever since because i love the whole design so much, why separate the pieces? 

and so...
my birthday is june 21, the summer solstice and fathers day this year. my first birthday card arrived in my mailbox just before the first of this, my birthday month. honestly, i love the design more than the 15% off. as usual, anthro has me. 

and they haven't even started sending me a catalog. ah anthropologie


  1. Ahhh... I just signed up for my Anthro card this weekend and I am beyond in love with the packaging. I won't take it out of my wallet even though it prevents it from closing.

  2. yeah, I keep trapping the corner of the fabric bag in my wallet clasp too.


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