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seeing these makes me want to rethink my colors. or at least just add a few in. 

ooh, and milk bottles. (poppies and ranunculus are out of season for me, but the colors and milk bottles are so lovely)
why oh why do I have to love informal things and yet have such a formal venue? 
So, I threw my back out, you know, while working out so I'll be thin and svelte for the big day. So now I'm laid up on the couch with periodic shooting pains in my lower back. stupid crunches. It's a beautiful day again, and I feel like I should be outside, but of course, if I were not in pain, I would be in my office. sigh. I guess lying on my couch, blogging until my battery dies is better than work.


  1. I love those first two bouquets -- the dark red flowers with the peach are amazing, so dramatic without being loud or overdone.

  2. I think I'm now inspired to do an inspiration board of peach with dark colors. So beautiful!

  3. Oh those bouquets are stunning! I just love the contrasts. A great twist on black and white.


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