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the best summer ever.

Disclaimer: The top pic is the inspiration, the bottom is the diy. I don't know why the diy version has to look so half-assed. I love the idea but I feel like what they did with it is half done. and that table is way too large for that deck, and do I spy an ugly old wicker chair at the bottom of the pic ? and those pillows have got to go!
I'm convinced that the pallet furniture could be fashioned to look a little more like the top pic.

Now I just have to figure out if it's really possible in my backyard. The firepit is great, but I want more of an outdoor fireplace, because we're in a rental and I'm not sure what happens to a firepit when it rains - does it fill with water?

Still, it's cold in Seattle and the second the sun comes out, we run outside whether the temp really permits. Our first bbq this year, I wore my winter coat. And last weekend, we had to break out the blankets once the sun started to go down.


  1. I forgot where I saw these... and have been struggling to explain the "outside room" to friends. Yay for these photos on your blog, Sera! I just wonder, is there a hypo-allergenic grass one could use...


  2. that's a really cool look. I like fire pits, but good point - what happens when it rains?


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