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first, I can't afford her

But I just wanted to mention One Love Photo's Heather Gilson. Her work is beautiful. And, the last wedding she posted was at the LUC, my venue. I don't know that I've mentioned how paranoid I am that our photos will be bad, because the venue is darkish in a romantic sort of way. But I am, especially after seeing the tragic photo's on the LUC's website gallery (I'm sorry if that is your wedding, I'm not bashing you, I just don't want to hire your photographer).

I have only interviewed one photographer so far, and I do love her work. But I have been non-commital on everything in the last few days so... I haven't gone into further discussion. Anyway.

Go check out One Love Photo, and check out some not just decent, but gorgeous pics of my venue.


  1. Hi Sera,
    Wow! Thanks is so sweet of you! When is the wedding? I was a little fearful of the venue myself and the fact that Emily's ceremony started at 7:30 in the evening in mid-march. But to my surprise I loved the darkness and think the venue is really interesting and photographs beautifully! Good luck with your search, let me know if you want any recommendations. Oh and YES, You can post some photos, of course!

  2. Gerald and Airika Pope KILLED IT with Kristin and Justin's wedding. See it all here:

    Lake Union Cafe takes a special touch :)


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