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2000 Dollar Budget Wedding: When The Knot Makes You Feel Insecure About Your Wedding

thanks Sara. I just read something last night on the Martha wedding blog where Grace from Design*Sponge was convinced that she needed to have a seating chart. And then I thought, "omigod, I need a seating chart!" But I don't. People can find their own damned seats and sit next to who they feel like sitting next to.

Everyday I dig around in the wedding porn, mainly looking for cheap diy ideas and support like this, and instead I find one bazillion white gowns with princesses that paid at least $26,000 for their weddings including that "budget" $2000 set of letterpressed invites. In case I haven't posted it before, I'm wearing a midnight blue, crinkled raw silk dress that is currently at the bottom of the paper bag that it came in because that's how the girl who sold it to me suggested I store it. I may not look like a typical bride, but I can wear this dress again. And I'm designing and making my own invitations and still irritated at the cost of postage alone because I know that most of them are going in the trash no matter how much time I spend on them.

I hope the knot does get flooded by beautiful 10k and less weddings (I'm still scoffing at that number too), and I will give them all five stars, because these are the people who are grounded in reality. These are the brides who know that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love with the people you love and care about, not a pissing contest over flowers and princess gowns and invitations.


  1. Hi there --

    I just wandered over from... who knows where, once you get surfing wedding blogs! Anyway, I really agree with you that it would be a great help if folks would post the cost of things on their blogs. I had no idea how much various aspects of a wedding cost, so we made a fairly arbitrary budget. Now, we're finding out, for things we like & care about, the cost is often 30% than we arbitrarily estimated. Some things, we don't care about at all (see: favors, aisle runners, linens), so we can just let them go. But for those things that matter, like food and wine... wow! Anyway, great post, great blog!


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