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Selfie no. 29

Today is March 3rd, 2014.  As a response to Meg's month of Selfies, I vowed to take 28 days of selfies, one for everyday in February.  Of course, I started on February 3rd so I had two more to go, ending on March 2.  Today I took another photo and posted to instagram.  In taking on this project I hoped to see myself in a different light, to appreciate myself a little more, to see who I am from the outside.  And while I knew when to stop drawing selfie no. 19, I know that I am not ready to stop taking photos.  

I am a creative person.  I have spent a long time discouraging my creativity, letting all the voices in and out tell me that creativity is not the path to take, that creativity does not lead to success, certainly not to financial security, that others may be able to, but I can't have it.  In letting those voices take over, in letting the world sway my place in it, I have lost myself, my truth, my happiness.  

I have decided to take over again.  I have decided to determine my own place in this world.  If it seems as if I don't have a particular direction right now, know that I have grown hungry for a life filled with creativity.  I've grown hungry for seeing myself in this new light.  

Through this project it has become clear to me that I can easily be my own creative muse.  I may not always, or even often, be a willing subject, but I am always available.  And by pre-determining my subject matter, I can stop making some of the excuses.  This is practice.  This is practice being creative.  This is practice communicating.  This is practice determining my own destiny.  

This is Selfie no. 29. 


  1. "I have decided to determine my own place in this world." I LOVE that.

    1. Thanks! I think it's pretty new for me.


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