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photo of the day: matryoshka

matryoshka measuring cups
Today's photo is kitchen.  I interpreted it to be an open representation, which is good because I don't feel I can sum up my kitchen in one photo.  Last year, G and I embarked on the long process of remodeling our kitchen.  After months of planning, we embarked on the demolition and reconstruction of two rooms and two closets into one great room.  We spent four long months eating take out and prepared foods, washing cups and glasses in the bathroom sink.  Making coffee involved three trips up and down the stairs.  I frequently thought about posting progress, but I was overwhelmed by the process.  We now have a mostly completed kitchen that has been fully functional since thanksgiving day.  The last cabinet door went on that morning followed by 4 wassailers and 16 dinner guests, family and friends.  After that, we promptly stopped working on the kitchen despite it not being fully complete.  It's at 95%.  Only two weekends ago we installed the last lights, schoolhouse inspired pendants that light the island.  Last weekend we finally purchased the white subway tile for the backsplash.  This weekend, we made breakfast.  But soon.  Soon it will be complete.  Hopefully before we need to begin on the backyard in earnest.  After all, the french doors to the deck open to a 10 foot fall instead of a deck.  And a year and a half after finishing the side fence, we still haven't started the back.  I may start slowly posting our slower process.  It really is exciting to see progress.  And it is important to remember how far we have come.  


  1. I kind of remember the old pictures of your house, I want to see the updated kitchen- post pics! These are adorable byw


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