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photo of the day: a dream. Everyday is like Sunday

This subject is obviously left up to interpretation.  Right now, "a dream" has too many indeterminate meanings for me to force it into a single photo.  Right now, I need the literal space in which to dream.  Right now, I my dream is that tomorrow holds a lot of promise.  

I have a song stuck in my head.  To quote The Smiths, "Everyday is like Sunday. Everyday is silent and gray."

Friday was my last day of a job I needed to let go of.  I cleaned off my desk and left after two strange and difficult weeks.  Yesterday, Saturday, I cleaned much of the house, perhaps to feel productive, perhaps to take my mind off of things.  It should feel over, but it's only Sunday.  Perhaps tomorrow, when I wake up without an alarm, it will start to seem more real.  For now, today is like any other Sunday.  G is at work, and I am thinking of all the things I need to do to prepare for the week ahead, puttering about to get half of them done.  There are a million and one big and little things I want to tackle from baking, cooking, and gardening to self-taught courses and obviously, pursuing a new job, this time, one that has room for me to be me.

Like every Sunday, today I am struggling with everything I want to get done, struggling with everything I want to want to get done.  But unlike every other Sunday, I have tomorrow too.  And another tomorrow.  I don't want anymore wasted tomorrows, but for today, I may just have to lay about and finish a book.

It's spring.  The sunny daffodils have unfolded in my yard, the tulips and bluebells are close behind them.  The sun keeps forcing its way through the clouds.  I have hope and promise.  But I am still tired and I just want to enjoy the silent and gray of Sunday.


  1. You left! Good for you- you'll do great

  2. i wish everyday was like Sunday for me! I looooove how peaceful Sunday mornings begin.

    Good luck on your new endeavors and adventures!


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