Monday, March 18, 2013

don't compare

your beginning to someone else's middle.
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I guess I've always been comparing my beginning to someone else's middle.  I've spent my life not just believing that I shouldn't fail, but that I don't even know how to get started failing in the first place.  I've kept myself hovering about the beginning as if it didn't matter, as if I could be safe and content here.  But I'm not content and I no longer feel safe.  Did I ever?  Can you feel safe at the bottom?  Well I'm back at the beginning again, ready to get started, ready to try hard enough for the middle.  You believe in me don't you?


  1. Of course I believe in you, Sera. Certainly the bottom can be safe for a gather what you need and make a warm little nest and you surround yourself with the tools to prepare you to progress in the way YOU want to and need to. But you have to be prepared to move from that cozy nest in case the bottom starts filling up with water. When you're ready, you take a step and then it with blinders on if that helps. Don't pay attention to other people's standards and achievements. Chances are that your bottom is the middle other people are trying to achieve.

    Find some grace notes in every day. Spring is a good metaphor. It's still raining, but the rain is warmer and it's falling on daffodils instead of mud. Spring is a good time to grow.

    1. What sweet kind words, eclair. Thank you so much for the support! You're right, spring is a good time to grow and the flowers have started to emerge. Everything is new again.

  2. Support is all around you...gossamer strings to help lift you that you may not always see.

    I would encourage you to re-examine the concept of failure. I hear that word and I imagine a giant mallet over one's head and a resounding pound, pound, pound when one has FAILED. Certainly there are a few failures in every life, but more often there are mis-steps or try-agains. Be gentle with yourself. Try again.

    1. I will, I promise, to try and try again. Again, your words are so kind and mean a lot to me. Thank you!



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