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week six: behind

I’ve had a series of days where my best efforts, I’ve felt just meh.  Is it the February blues?  Is it the endless lack of sun on my face?  Is it general discontent?  Honestly, even the blogs were disappointment to me yesterday.  I didn’t want to look at weddings or valentines or fashion week at all.  Katrina’s riveting two part blizzard story did get me through two bus rides though.  I haven't wanted to read magazines and books seem so unwieldy.  blah.  I managed to schlep myself to the gym for an hour of hilly treadmill and music, almost forgetting that I had to walk six blocks uphill to catch a bus home and then walk another seven after getting off the bus.  I was quite tired by the time I got to my house only to realize that I could have gotten a ride home with my husband because he was not going out with his friend as I thought.  Oh well.  I guess I slept well for my effortful trek. 
lost in translation
Getting up this morning was another story.  Another day, another gray sky and today I just want to go home, lay on my couch and watch a dependable movie: Lost inTranslation.  Turns out it’s streaming on Netflix so I know what I’m doing tonight while I eat my wild rice au gratin leftovers with an egg.  Maybe later I’ll talk more about my successful weekend cooking adventures, but for now, this is all I’ve got. 

At least I'm in good company - thanks for this, celia